2020 - Global superstar Taylor Swift wears one of the most iconic BOGNER pieces of all times on the cover of Variety magazine: the ski catsuit!
2019 - Luxury Sport Lifestyle: Maria Bogner created the unique symbiosis of sports and fashion already in the 1950s. with a nod to the original version, the company relaunched the classic BOGNER jackets in a modern interpretation of the current zeitgeist.
2018 - BOGNER begins the year with a stunning. fashion show in Berlin and a new booth concept at ISPO 2018 - the new design language of the brand is debuted.
2002 - As part of the 12th anniversary of a united Germany on October 3rd, Willy BOGNER opens a giant-sized B zipper to reveal the renovated Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
1989 - Willy Bogner presents his new brand. FIRE+ICE, based on his successful film by the same name.
1986 - The "Fire and Ice" movie by Willy Bogner is shown in cinemas and sets out to become a worldwide classic.
1972 - Willy Bogner joins his parents' company full-time. He is responsible for the sports collection as well as for advertising. Five years later he takes over the company.
1971 - The first ski collection by Willy Bogner junior launches: Formula W. The styles feature an innovative nylon material mix which he produced himself.
1969 - Although Willy Bogner junior is a successful ski racer, he retires from skiing professionally to focus on his hobby: Film making and photography. He produces countless. BOGNER campaigns and image films over the years and participates in four different James Bond movies.
1955 - Maria Bogner creates the iconic B zipper which will become the unique brand symbol of BOGNER. The invention of the company's first branding.
1948 - Maria Bogner, the wife of Willy Bogner senior, presents a revolution: pants made out of stretch material with stirrups. Later on, they will be called "Bogners" in US dictionaries.
1932 Willy Bogner senior sets the founding stone for the Willy Bogner Ski company. An import business for skis, equipment and Norwegian knit wear.